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Private Investigations

Security Audit and Quality Assurance

The purpose of conducting a red team assessment is to demonstrate how real world attackers might combine various exploits to achieve an adversarial goal. This exercise is designed to take an in-depth approach to continuously improve your people, processes and technology.

TSCM (bug sweeps)

With surveillance technology growing increasingly more sophisticated and affordable, the risk of being a target of technical surveillance is ever increasing. Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) are efforts made by licensed and experienced professionals to uncover and thwart any efforts at covert surveillance.


Oftentimes, not knowing is the worst thing when marital relationships are strained, or your partner begins acting unusually. Stonewall’s investigative team can bring to bear a suite of surveillance and investigative tools to assist you, for either peace-of-mind or a potential divorce case, should circumstances warrant. Our investigators are discreet, timely, and thorough in their search for the truth. 

Child Custody

While courts are obligated to rule on custody arrangements in the best interest of the child, or children, there is often not enough evidence for a complete picture to be brought to court, or for lawyers to have all the information necessary to argue their case. Additionally, many parents worry that existing custody stipulations are not being followed, and that they have little recourse. However, Stonewall is here to investigate and document findings in child custody cases, in order to provide the clearest assessment of the facts in favor of your children. 


In the service of a thorough and robust investigation, it is often necessary to surveil a subject to provide the best evidence and clearest picture to our client. Stonewall Security and Investigations offers stationary and mobile surveillance in child custody, infidelity, skiptracing, insurance fraud, and other investigations when necessary and appropriate. GPS tracking also available for clients who wish to protect their property, or otherwise have a legal right to determine its location on a minute-by-minute basis. 

Background checks

Stonewall Security and Investigations offers competitive, tiered background checks for employment, business, dating or personal safety purposes. Our background check reports offer the information you need to mitigate risks and make informed decisions. 


Criminal investigations need to be handled with care and expertise. The research and evidence must be ready to be presented to a court room, and must stand up to scrutiny. The team at Stonewall can collect our findings and package them for presentation in court.

Missing persons

Our investigators have unique training and experience in working missing persons cases, including providing assistance to law enforcement agencies. We help our clients locate loved ones or provide simple slip tracing. Skiptracing is the process of locating missing individuals for clients. Whether you are searching for a missing family member, a debtor, or the recipient of a will or legal judgment, our investigative team is poised to ascertain the missing person’s location and personal details, as well as make contact with them when appropriate. 


Fraud investigations require a mixture of covert surveillance and intrepid sleuthing, aimed at discovering evidence of unlawful or inappropriate practices for the purpose of gain or avoiding consequences.

D.U.I. Stop Analysis

Trained in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Stonewall investigators are prepared to analyze and test for compliance any arrest report, dashcam, or body camera footage against National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines to determine the appropriateness of an arrest.


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